Glenn Danzig: Conspiracy theorist, homeopathy defender, bargain hunter

Photo by Nick Enfield

Last week, Phoenix scribe Daniel Brockman got his 15 minutes with Glenn Danzig. And, as you might expect, the resulting interview is a thing of beauty, absolutely rife with soundbite gems. We've been kind of obsessing over it for the past few days. (As we are wont to do whenever anything Danzig-related brushes our antennae.) So as we gear up for tonight's show at the House of Blues, we thought we'd share a few money quotes:

On the occult:

"Well, Christianity and Islam, that’s the real occult to me. I mean, look how many people those people kill. I mean, any other religion here in the States, if they even killed 100 people, they’d shut 'em down. Killing hundreds of thousands, millions of people, over, you know, and nothing happens to ‘em, just a slap on the wrist. People have been talking about this priest-abuse scandal thing since the '80s, and nothing’s happened to them. If that was a Scientology church, they’d be shut down in a second."

On Obama:

"I don’t think anyone thought it could be any worse than Bush, and yet here we are, 10 times worse than Bush! An oil spill that no one has clogged up in a month and a half, right? Just sitting there spewing jillions of gallons of oil a day, and people are just sitting there going, 'Oh no, what do we do?' But the bigger thing — and I don’t want to get too political — but all these people’s lives are now destroyed who rely on that coast, you know what I mean? That, and it’s probably just some ploy to raise the price of gas. 'Oh, we can’t rely on offshore drilling,' and that now that all this oil is wasted now, they’re going to jack the price of oil up. So, you know, it’s probably the Bilderbergs are making tons of money now, and Obama wants to get in with them — and there you go, he’s in!" [For context, the question that prompted this was "What inspires you as a songwriter?"]

On how Big Pharma is hurting homeopathy:

"Yeah, and so — and it’s like ... when the drug companies conspired with our government to put natural homeopathic cures out of business at the turn of the century, and bang, they started calling it 'snake oil,' and this and that. And it’s really just a disinformation campaign to discredit this stuff so that people will stop using it. The government has gone so far as to create phony homeopathic remedies so when people use them and they don’t work, people lose interest in them."

Pretty amazing stuff so far, right? But perhaps our favorite part of all -- the part that has us welling up a bit every single time we read it (and actually prompted one staffer to squee, "He sounds like an excitable dad!") -- has got to be this:

On bargain-hunting:

"I found for my friend Russ, the guy who does security for me, this biker book that’s really hard to get on the Warlocks, really hard to get. On eBay it’s like two or three hundred bucks; I think I found it for three bucks. It’s cool finding these books, and I like digging through stuff and finding stuff. I’m really good at that."

That's right; you just saw Danzig's adorable side.

Read the original interview in all its glory here; and if you're missing out on tonight's concert, check back here for Brockman's show post-mortem.

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