Los Wunder Twins Del Rap (D-Tension + Effect) Debut Feature Film "Cul-De-Sac of Shattered Hopes"

According to Merrimack representative slash Mass rap stalwart slash WFNX DJ D-Tension (a/k/a D-Titty), if Green Day and Los Angeles have the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, then Los Wunder Twins Del Rap and downtown Lowell have the Cul-De-Dac of Shattered Hopes.  

Like any self-respecting piece of 80s film nostalgia, D-Tension’s feature-length debut (now available on DVD) of that name revolves around the “Big Talent Show” and the protagonists’ challenge to prevail.

Los Wunder Twins are out to get a record deal, and the kidnapping of their Matt Damon look-a-like DJ, Gleek, simply won’t stop these D-List action heroes from creeping around in the world’s most dilapidated station wagon and competing for the gold.

After Gleek disappears while making the morning batch of banana pancakes for the residents of Los Wunder Compound Del Rap, D-Tension and his wingman, Effect, comb their hood on some Without a Trace shit. In case you ever wanted to see D-Tension masturbate under covers, this is your opportunity.

Though Cul-De-Sac is shot in porno quality, the (lack of) budget was no impediment to their simple mission. By keeping the plot easy and mics cranked, D-Tension pitches comic turns with ease. Especially when they apply to the underground rap community he knows so well.

From such lines as “I fucking hate Kool Keith fans,” to the character Mic Gigantic – the white rap hyperbole effectively portrayed by Nabo Rawk – the joke is on hip-hop. Lowell’s fictitious emo rapper, Sap, is a fucking riot; a Slug look-a-like, he’s dropped five albums about the same girl, Wendy.

In their quest to find out which rival contestants abducted Gleek, Los Wunder Twins also face the Flash Mob, a pair of Caucasian gangsta rappers who perpetrated the kidnapping, and who mention on their talent show application that they built their studio from crack funds.

Outside of the slaps at various boom bap factions, the hour-long flick packs some notable running jokes, from D-Tension’s inability to squeeze through his car window, to everyone thinking that the duo is white (instead of Puerto Rican).

The musical numbers are also on point. “MySpace Bitches” is hilarious; D-Tension has officially graduated from scooping soccer moms at the mall. I’m not sure where they found their models for the film, but it’s likely that was involved. Overall, the casting is commendable considering their lack of funds; Mic Stylez in particular delivers as the talent show MC.

Is this a classic Massachusetts rap movie? Sure. Is it the only Massachusetts rap movie of its kind? Pretty much. Effect and D-Tension are certainly not the Blues Brothers; but the Bill and Ted or Bluntman and Chronic del hip-hop they may very well be.

Grab The New Los Wunder Twins Del Rap CD, Activate, and the Cul-De-Sac of Shattered Hopes DVD HERE... 

And Check D-Tension and Effect this Friday at Harpers Ferry with Lords of the Underground

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