Necro's Degenerate Middle East Show

It’s a good thing my grandmother stayed home from Necro’s show at the Middle East this past Saturday. She hates when musicians dump buckets of ice water on groupies’ heads, spit in their faces, and talk nasty to them in front of throngs of degenerate suburbanites.

We all expected what we got. Before the show began, Lateb and Slant of Heddshotts – who were opening the fandango – told me that they planned to drop the nastiest joint in their arsenal. “The Necro fans will lick this one up,” they all agreed.

The openers were impressive. Definitely one of the best up-and-coming live acts on the local scene, Legendary Axe and Tyga Style of A Masstapeace got heads bopping. Props to them for bringing along their axe-swinging mascot in a tiger mask; not enough underground artists realize that shows need more than beats and rhymes.

The first mosh pit broke out during A Masstapeace’s set, then mostly subsided some during Heddshotts, who proclaimed their ambition to “fuck up the world tonight.” In addition to ripping about selling weed to their friends’ parents, Lateb and company warmed up the sluts and nuts for Slaine and Necro: “This is beyond hate / It’s more like spittin’ in God’s face.”

At this juncture, Slaine and Necro share a large fan base. And despite the Middle East cellar being at just half occupancy due to shit weather conditions, it seemed like the flocks were as eager to cheer on Southie’s chief rogue as they were to watch Necro snap bra straps.

The pit wound back up as Slaine raised his glass for “99 Bottles,” and as he shredded a slick remix of his OxyContin anthem, “Mind of a Criminal.” As always, his hype man K.O. kept the crowd engaged and enraged: “We keep it Irish,” he reminded.

Slaine brought big news: his group with Ill Bill and House of Pain – La Coka Nostra – finally signed a deal with Suburban Noize Records, and will be smashing coast-to-coast beginning next March. From there, he unleashed an LCN medley though “Fuck Tony Montana” and “It’s A Beautiful Thing.”

Going with the golden hip-hop rule – that fans love nothing more than being told how their favorite rapper plans to bludgeon, gut, and stuff them – Necro opened with the endearing title track off his latest opus, “Death Rap.” “I want some fucking aggression,” he yelled at about 250 minions. “Start a pit, start a pit.”

With Mr. Hyde adding to the ruckus, wickedness continued, from “Belligerent Gangster” and “The Most Sadistic” to “Push It To The Limit.” Necro was so impressed with his fanatics – many of whom were drunkenly putting their heads down and running full speed at one another – that he took back his earlier vow to execute every last one of them: “I want to fucking kill someone,” he said, “but not you all – just the rest of the world.”

Then, as with any Necro show, the attention turned from death to breasts. “I need some participation from these shit fucks,” he said, gesturing to a group of girls who he invited on stage for “Who’s Your Daddy.”

Within seconds of getting up, the gaggle of classy sweethearts was completely soaked from head to camel toe. One chick flashed her goods so many times that guys were getting bored with her. Finally, just before the sexual harassment threshold got crossed, Necro kicked everyone with a vagina off the stage. Once again, I’m glad my Grandma wasn’t there.

I’m 29-years-old, and I clearly should be growing out of my infatuation with misogynistic cocaine-addled hip-hop. But in a society where everyone seems to be equally corrupt, crude, and foul in their own perverse ways, someone like Necro – who wears his id and ego on his sleeve – gives me a little bit of hope that at least some people aren’t full of shit.

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