VIDEO + SMS: Radiohead's Boston show in 140 characters or less!

If you haven't already, check out our photo gallery from last night's show. Yes, it was that good.

Sure, we sent a "reviewer" to the Radiohead show last night -- WILL SPITZ went with the traditional pen and reporters' notebook, having won a last-minue inter-office Sumo match for the right to write the Final Word on the World's Most Important Band. The rest of us, being big interweb dorks and even bigger Radiohead geeks, took our cellphones and txt-chatted straight to our Twitter page during the whole show, thereby making us into total assholes. But look, someone's gotta lead the new-media revolution, right? What are you gonna do, read what the Herald wrote? Or skim our fanboyish, Twitterific play-by-play, NOW UPDATED WITH YOUTUBE CLIPS? Exaaaactly. Here's how it went down according to OTD, MEGAN BELL (who was seeing her third Radiohead show in less than a week!), and CAITLIN CURRAN

7:31 pm:
is stuck in traffic ... NEXT TO TALL GUY! Big Disappointments, we feel you.

7:48 pm
The entire obama-voting populations of conn and ri are parked on 495 right now. Grizzlies, c u @ the mfa.

8 pm
Just passed dude holding h-made sign out his sunroof: 'honk if u think beverly crusher is a fox.' Oh, so it's gonna be like that, is it?

8:43 pm
Just ran into brendan and dan from mfa in the grizzly seats. Then had to WAIT IN LINE for boys room. Girls room: no line.

8:45 pm
CAITLIN: The porta potties here are called mr cesspool

8:46 pm
Photogs are in the pit: band on in moments. Stage: like a giant windchime.   

8:47 pm
[RADIOHEAD: Reckoner]

8:49 pm
CAITLIN: I dig those red pants on thom     

8:55 pm
CAITLIN: They look like they’re inside a giant church organ

8:58 pm
I knew this was going to be OPTIMISTIC. Its funny when you can tell which song they’re going to play from only one chord. WILL says he likes when all three of them play guitar.

9:04 pm
[RADIOHEAD: There There]

9:06 pm
MEGAN: Seriously? I just got to my seat...fucking massholes!

9:08 pm
I’m trying to commit Thom’s dance moves to memory so I can practice them later.

9:08 pm
Three drum extravaganza (all but colin and thom) on THERE THERE. Also colin was wearing the same No Age shirt on friday   

9:13 pm
MEGAN: Patented crazy thom dancing on 15 STEP ...kinda looked like the chick from flashdance for a second there 

9:16 pm
OTD: Radiohead mood: peachy. How long til someone talks about those Tibet banners on the amps?

9:17 pm
OTD: We'll catch up with the set list eventually. Maybe. Still marvelling how they get away with rocking synth pads like it's *effort*

9:19 pm
MEGAN: More dancing and tambourine action from thom on KID A which kicks the recorded versions ass

9:20 pm
This is my breathless reminder that that song is awesome.

9:22 pm
Gorgeous vocal on NUDE... mesmerizing against the gold backdrop

9:22 pm
CAITLIN: The video screens are sort of David Lynch-ish. I miss the opening vocals of this song. The vocals at the end sound like The Little Mermaid

9:23 pm

9:26 pm
MEGAN: Whats up w/ the vocals on THE there’s green "raining" lights. Wow this version is cracked out! Sounds like they're dying. Creepy  

9:28 pm 
OTD: Love the simplicity of the vertical blinds: windchime, moodlight, LED volume monitor, prison bars, digital rain: Thom: "It should be raiiiinin’”

9:32 pm
MEGAN: Ohhh yeah... NATIONAL ANTHEM w a red epileptic light show. who could ask for anything more? 

9:40 pm
MEGAN: After VIDEOTAPE: "this is for the people on the hill." Then: JIGSAW

9:41 pm
MEGAN: Where do we go from here? Into a sick version of THE BENDS, apparently

9:42 pm
OTD: That big dual-rickenbacher chord: holy shit. For a second i thought they were buffalo tom.

9:43 pm
CAITLIN: Hooray for the bends!

9:47 pm
OTD: Oopsie. What are those lyrics again?

9:48 pm
MEGAN: Hmm. Thom missed part of the words to FAUST ARP.oh well who cares,crowds still going crazy for them

9:49 pm
CAITLIN: Least favorite thing about concerts: when the audience sings something instead of the musicians

9:50 pm
MEGAN: Little white lights floating up and down against a blue backdrop for WEIRD FISHES

9:59 pm
OTD relents and agrees with Caitlin: and this wah-pedal vocal scratch is next level. Now into the rock the casbah beat?

OTD: In front of me - 10 rows from stage, mind you - a guy has got binocs trained on the stage, perhaps to discern amount change in their pockets 

OTD: In front of him, the one guy who still holds up a lighter instead of a cellphone.

9:54 pm
OTD: I can't believe people are clapping to EVERYTHING IN ITS RIGHT PLACE like it's stadium rock.

9:55 pm

9:57 pm
MEGAN: Creepy mumbling leading into EVERYTHING IN ITS RIGHT PLACE with blinking pink lights and chandeliers. i might just have a seizure. But in a good way

10:01 pm
MEGAN: Ah! exit music! I may lose it...the audience is shhing everyone and for good reason.shut up people!

10:03 pm
Started out with just thom but as the electro burbles and band breaks in people applaud like it's opera, which maybe it is 

10:04 pm
Radiohead's video cams may be a comment on surveillance, but i think they just figured out they always look cooler on camera -- even in real time

10:05 pm

10:06 pm
I want this song with more punk and less Can.

10:09 pm
OTD: And that's the end of the set. Anyone want to call the encores?

10:10 pm
MEGAN: The main set is over already? Are you kidding?!?! Fastest hour and a half of my life!

10:13 pm
OTD: They're back for HOUSE OF CARDS. Thom deigns to describe it as "a love song." Well, duh. "I don’t want 2 B yr friend/just want 2 B your lover” is Prince-worthy simplicity

10:15 pm
CAITLIN: This song would be a good R&B tune.

10:16 pm
MEGAN: HOUSE OF CARDS playing while some middle aged dudes light up behind me

10:18 pm
CAITLIN: How does jonny greenwood make his guitar sound like that?

10:25 pm
MEGAN: Yes yes yes yes awesome version of  I MIGHT BE WRONG leading to PARANOID ANDROID...i’m in heaven

RADIOHEAD: I MIGHT BE WRONG (Live Mansfield 08/13/08) 

RADIOHEAD: PARANOID ANDROID (Live Mansfield 08/13/08) 

MEGAN: Also i failed to mention this before but thoms tight red pants are hott

10:27 pm
OTD: weird thing about those is they aren't that tight, altho they would be on anyone else. Thom’s skinny jeans hang 1/2-way down his legs

10:28 pm
MEGAN: The stage is in rainbows!

10:28 pm
[RADIOHEAD: Paranoid Android ends]

10:29 pm
OTD: Most bands, if they could do what radiohead just did, would just do that. All the fucking time over and over

10:31 pm
CAITLIN: Whats up with the tibetan flags I wonder?

10:32 pm
MEGAN: WOLF AT THE DOOR! They didn't play this last weekend. Thom pseudo rapping live is a sight to behold

10:33 pm
MEGAN: He’s straight gangsta

10:35 pm
OTD: Still trying to figure out camera placement: amazing shot up over the drum cybals blocked momentarily by jonny-further away than we thought

10:42 pm
MEGAN: Oh god HOW TO DISAPPEAR COMPLETELY was gorgeous...come back! Come back!

10:48 pm
[THOM YORKE: Cymbal Rush]

10:49 pm
CAITLIN: We can say we were there the first time thom yorke ever played solo in mass

10:52 pm
[RADIOHEAD: Karma Police] 10:52-10:58 pm
OTD, MEGAN, CAITLIN: <absolute silence>

10:59 pm
CAITLIN: IDIOTEQUE is without a doubt the best Radiohead song EVER!
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