Pimping their ride: Dresden Dolls selling band Volvo on eBay to benefit

Pimping her ride: Amanda prepares to part ways with a longtime friend

So we get this crazy email from a rap group that shall remain nameless, begging us not to blog about Amanda Palmer selling the Dresden Dolls' station wagon on ebay, because they were really hoping to land that ride. Pause, full stop. We motor over to eBay and check out the description of said car, a 1992 Volvo, 4-cylinder with automatic transmission and 168,000 miles on the bitch. "I bought this car in 1999," Amanda writes in the auction description. "I love this car. But its time to go car-free. I am a globe-trotting, plane-taking, train-taking motherf**ker. Plus my parents are getting irritated that the thing is sitting in their driveway. The poor car, all Sad and Alone. Ok, it wont start (which is why I ditched it there before the last tour) but I am guessing, in my most honest of estimates, that it doesn't need more than $500 of work to get it running and then it will be good for another life. volvos are SWEDISH and they are built to LAST. I know fellow-volvo owners who have driven theirs up to 250k. the deal is: you buy it, you tow it away (and probably see my parents, who will probably be nice to you and offer you a cup of coffee, and maybe see me and get a grateful hug as i bid a sad last farewell to my beloved car)."

While this particular heap was, in fact, briefly featured in the video of the Dolls killing tourmates Panic at the Disco, and is even immortalized in the lyrics to the Dolls' "Jeep Song," and contains (as Brian Viglione attests) "the very seat where Coin Operated Boy was conceived" (EWWWWW!), and has new rear brake pads and a new radiator, the vehicle has several potential problems with it, even if you get past the part about it not actually running:

"the back passenger door has a broken handle.
the cruise control does not work.
the radio is broken.
the glove compartment won't latch.
there are some cosmetic parts missing (like the hubcaps and the speaker covers)'s WONDERFUL!!!!!! MAGNIFICENT!!!!"

To get back on topic: the rap group that shall remain nameless was asking us not to blog about this car because they wanted to buy it and take it on tour.

We told them that if we couldn't blog about it, they had better at least win the damn thing.

This morning, they emailed us back: IT WAS OUT OF THEIR PRICE RANGE. Current asking price for the won't-work Dresden Dolls Volvo: $2,130. Only partial consolation: Amanda's donating half the proceeds of the auction to Which didn't stop the rap group that shall remain nameless from turning up their noses. "I'm glad we lost out," said one of them. "I could not tour in a car haunted by ghosts of drama nurds."

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