RIP: "Atlantic Records, TI Clearance"

Since DaCapo's now including blog posts and eMusic promo essays in the annual Best Music Writing anthology, can we also nominate a message board thread? Specifically, we'd like to nominate the thread in which Hollertronix fans eagerly anticipate the leak of Justin Timberlake's new single "My Love" featuring T.I., then fall in love with a bootleg version where a promothug chants "Atlantic Records, T.I. Clearance" over the top. DJs relent and play the song out, apparently inspiring clubgoers to sing along with the promothug chant; someone suggests making "Atlantic Records, T.I. Clearance" t-shirts; Diplo chimes in to challenge his minions' faith, claiming the T.I. version has been shelved for a 3-6 Mafia cameo; and when the cleaned up version finally arrives, weeks later (that is, last night), there is unfettered rejoicing ("it's like the day after they pulled that baby out the well"), though some people decide they like the promothug version better.

"My Love," not that you hadn't figured this out, is straight murder. Aaron LaCrate was talking about "Sexy Back" when he told us that "Even Justin Timberlake’s new song is very B-moreish: it’s like a lot of chopped up vocals, repetitive shit over top of like crazy hard beats. That wasn’t really being done before, and that’s been the B-more formula since 1990/1991." But he coulda been talking about this one too. On "My Love" it's not the chopped vocals that catch you so much as the chopped synths, like what you'd hear if you'd stumbled out of a rave, hands over your ears, and fell down a flight of stairs. Hollerboarders gleefully anticipate this song confusing the shit out of people on dancefloors this weekend, hoping to sneak something truly pop on hipsters and truly progressive on Top 40 secretaries before everyone figures out it's just a huge radio single. Oops, he did it again.

BTW, the title track has also leaked and it's not very good. But we've been busy for the past couple of days watching the club tour on YouTube and getting really amazed with the way JT is attempting to reinvent his whole post-bboy popstar thing with some SERIOUSLY FOCUSED Frank Sinatra/ratpack-era nonchalance. It's like, he's kind of just standing there, but it's not ordinary just-standing-there. Awesomeness.

WATCH: Justin Timberlake, "My Love" (live)

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