DFA-a-holix unite

Yeah, sure, there's a DFA remix album coming out, which contains almost nothing you didn't SLSK eight months ago. Don't get us wrong: it'll be nice to have it all in one folder. But for those of us who hang on James Murphy's every cowbell thwack, there's gigabytes of new shit afoot.

1. This one likely didn't make the remix-retrospective cut: a new 10-minute DFA remix of Tiga's "Far From Home," which has been making the rounds, and is available locally from our friends at Compound 440r, complete with MicL Ptvn's close-reading attention to detail, if you're into "reviews" and stuff. And new DFA signees Hot Chip also got the grand treatment. Speaking of which, there's a new Hot Chip song (sans DFA remix) up at Fluxblog. We're sorta finding it hard to get super excited about Hot Chip; keep wishing Spank Rock had got signed down there instead or something. Y'know, Juan likes 'em.

2. As always, the best thermometer on what's soon to emerge from the DFA camp is official-DFA-DJ Tim Sweeney's "Beats In Space" show. Just before jumping on tour with the Juan Maclean, he uploaded his end-of-January edition, which has even more goodies you will not find on the upcoming remix record. Don't want to spoil the surprise, but for a teaser: how about a Carl Craig remix of Delia & Gavin?!

DOWNLOAD: Beats In Space, Jan 31 2006, Part One (mp3)
DOWNLOAD: Beats In Space, Jan 31 2006, Part Two (mp3)

3. Issued just before Christmas in ridiculously small quantities, leaked on DFA-friendly message boards when the holiday eBaying got out of hand, and now posted all official-like, the DFA Radio mixes showcase a quintessential Murphy DJ set, dropping Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Bee Gees, Six Finger Satellite, John & Yoko, Radiohead, and Jonathan Richman, plus copious DFA and Rub N Tug mixes, spread over two CDs. A third disc rolls out how the Juan Maclean do, beginning with Hawkwind and ending with Giorgio Moroder, but spazzed in between with throbbing punk-rock gristle (black flag, DAF, bad brains). That clicking sound you hear is your iPod's shuffle button committing suicide.

DOWNLOAD: DFA Radio Mixes 2005: James Murphy, Disc One (mp3)
DOWNLOAD: DFA Radio Mixes 2005: James Murphy, Disc Two (mp3)
DOWNLOAD: DFA Radio Mixes 2005: Juan Maclean (mp3)

4. Disc two kicks off with that ridonculous Rub N Tug "edit" or cover or whatever the hell it is of "I'm a Man," which deserves some sort of award for unlikely superbreak of the decade or something. From the sets we've heard, it's become Murphy's unofficial theme song, or at least his designated leadoff track. No exception: his hour-long set at Australia's Big Day Out, which is available for your appraisal (along with, if you like, his Euro competition) . . .

DOWNLOAD: James Murphy, Live at Big Day Out 2006 (mp3)
DOWNLOAD: 2 Many DJs, Live at Big Day Out 2006 (mp3)

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