A Very Special OTD X-Mas: Wayne & Wax

The awsomest part of 2005 -- the year blogging broke -- was finding out we shared a city with people like Wayne and the rest of the Riddim Methodists, Chris Lemon Red (who in the long tradition of Boston outsourcing promptly got famous and moved to Brooklyn), dem Bananerz Bwoys, Makka, and the Compound 440r kids. Newspaper writing can be a pretty lonely game, especially if you write about music: unless someone writes in to tell you you're an asshole, feedback is pretty rare. Except when you meet people in bands out at shows, at which point they're obligated to be nice to you. But this electric blogaloo stuff is neat: you blog about shit, people blog back. (And more conversation is coming soon: with our switch to a new server next week, we're finally enabling comments -- at least until some jackass ruins it for everybody, which we're sure will happen eventually.)

If there was a man of the year in Boston blogland -- besides OTD, of course: fuck that humble shit -- it was Wayne Marshall, who executed some quadruple-threat shit (blogger/DJ/scholar/and-now-Phoenix-contributor) that left us feeling wicked lazy by comparison. This is a dude who not only knows enough that when "Do You Hear What I Hear" comes on the radio, it makes him think of the hook to TOK's homophobic anthem "Chi Chi Man" -- he's also the kind of guy who will make a mash-up of both songs, then post about it eloquently:
TOK have colonized my musical imagination in this case, so i find myself dubbing “blaze di fire, mek we bun dem!” over the refrain to the song. it’s a little absurd, really. annoying, sure, but so’s the original by itself. it’s the cognitive dissonance that i find most striking: as this very (new testament) christian song overlays with the very (old testament) christian sentiment of smiting abominations, i find myself thinking about all sorts of amazing contradictions.
That was like three days ago. Then in the past 72 hours, dude screwed the Chipmunks (or "unwinds" them, as he puts it) and posted a halfhour Christmas-song remixtape. Enough. He wins.

LISTEN: Wayne and Wax, "Remixmas" (mp3)
LISTEN: Wayne and Wax, "Do You Bun What I Bun (TOK v. Johnny Mathis)" (mp3)
LISTEN: Wayne and Wax vs. the Chipmunks, "Christmas Don't Be Late Slow" (mp3)
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