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Modest Mouse, chopped & screwed; Beyonce and 'em vrrrsus Liquid Liquid; Outkast/Cure heatery. Yep, new mix by the Certified Bananas crew is up -- which'll also save you the trouble of trolling message boards for all the new pop/reggaeton/grime bangers: Kanye's "Diamonds," Missy & Pharell's "On and On," Tego's "Se Van," Kano's "Reload." Lots of reminders coming this week, but we're real excited about the new monthly CB jawn at Enormous Room; jumpoff this coming Friday with P. Nice, the Audiovandal, and special guest Nick Catchdubs. Check out the flyer here.

Britney Spears buys a Radiohead CD. Relax, it's only Pablo Honey. (Via Largehearted Boy.) Also, she's apparently been voted the #4 hottest Hollywood mom on the internerd. Maybe just us, but ain't they getting a little ahead of themselves, seeing as she hasn't pushed out the pumpkin yet? Talk to us when her stitches heal, K?

Hidden Nazi messages is Hilary Duff's "Not Today": man, we love backwards masking scares. Especially when they're not about metal. (Via themfinest.)

Bright Eyes chick blogs the tour for VV. (Randomly, on the subject of different bearer of those initials: did anyone catch the New Yorker copydesk sleeping on the Kills item a couple weeks back? Had our gal in there as a Dubya. SFJ: how you let 'em do her like that?)

Darth Vader's blog. Speaking of which, now that Dick Manitoba sued Manitoba, when's Anakin gonna serve these dudes?

This just in: Stephen Malkmus ad banned in Paste magazine. We've never heard of Paste magazine. But the ad's pretty hot. (Via Stereogum.)

Comic book mp3 blogging killed the radio star. With a little Spoon for your trouble. (At Fluxblog)
Keeping the iPod bumping:
DJ Benzi throws hollaback girl's shit over these guys' shit right here. But when's this other thing coming out?

Prehistoric mixtapes. (Via Hollerboard, maybe. Can't recall.)

Mashit bwoys on fire: new Kid Chameleon xxx-clusive mix. Featuring Radiohead, TV on the Radio, and XTC snuck into the usual jackhammer ragga madness.

Speaking of the old Toneburst crew, DJ/Rupture bombed German radio with this thing back in March.

Another English band that sounds like the Strokes only with a piano. (Via Catchdubs).
The Blood Arm, "Do I Have Your Attention?" (right-clik, save-az)

Death from Above 1979, Death Vessel, Millions of Dead Cops. Plus Boom Bip and Mice Parade.
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