Does Cicilline Emerge as Sympathetic Figure?

Yesterday I appeared on Dan Yorke's radio show and suggested that, if Anthony Gemma failed to deliver the goods in his highly anticipated press conference, he could - remarkably - turn Congressman David Cicilline into a sympathetic figure.

Is that what we're seeing now?

I don't know that Gemma's press conference was the abject failure the blogosphere is describing; as I noted earlier today, there are plenty of voters out there inclined to believe the worst about Cicilline.

But elite opinion does seem to be hardening: Gemma failed to back up his accusations. And that opinion will surely have a significant impact on the public's perception - at least among Democrats, who could very well view Cicilline as victim and rally around the incumbent in the Democratic primary.

If Cicilline does prevail in the primary, does the impact of the Gemma's accusations - positive and negative - carry over into the general election? We'll see.

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