Gemma Gets His Hooks in Rhode Island

Businessman and Congressional candidate Anthony Gemma's histrionics are greeted with some serious eye-rolling in political and media circles these days. And his latest statement, suggesting he'll reveal evidence of "criminal" activity by Congressman David Cicilline or his campaign in a Wednesday press conference, is no exception.

But if there is something maddening about Gemma urging us to "be prepared for breaking news that will have an immediate, stunning, game-changing impact on Rhode Island politics," news that "will make national headlines" and change lives "profoundly," the chattering classes can't deny this: Gemma's grandiose pronouncement has titillated the political class and dragged out the story, in what is traditionally a slow period in the news business, for days.

Gemma, as I've written in this space, needs to deliver or his already tenuous credibility will collapse. But for now, he's looking crazy like a fox.


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