The Tight Mayor's Race

I'll have a short piece in this week's Phoenix on the Providence mayoral race and last night's debate. The race, more than any other of the major contests in the state, is something of a cipher. There have been no public polls, after all. But the consensus among politicos that it is quite tight.

The conventional wisdom had Angel Taveras riding a Cicilline-like coalition of the East and South Sides to victory in the Democratic primary, with Steven Costantino and John Lombardi splitting the more traditional white ethnic vote. And that view still has a certain logic to it.

But talk of a high-turnout primary seems to have faded with the dissolution of the Democratic gubernatorial race. And that gives Costantino and Lombardi a chance to win if they can rally their core supporters.

At this point, the Providence mayoral race looks like the most intriguing contest in the state. Who knew? 

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