Tea Party Shake-Up?

UPDATE: Marina Peterson called N4N to say that she cannot yet publicly discuss her ouster from the Rhode Island Tea Party. But she says she has been informed by the other two leaders of the group, Colleen Conley and Nan Hayden, they are planning to vote her out of the triumvirate. Once the vote is official, Peterson says, she'll be willing to talk


Curious message today, to the Rhode Island Tea Party faithful, from one of its lead organizers - Marina Peterson. Just ahead of a key organizational meeting for the group, which is trying to shift from protest group to political force, Peterson says she is out. N4N has a call into her to inquire as to why.

For the last nine months I have spoken to you as Treasurer of the RI Tea Party and as a director of the RI Tea Party Corporation.
I am writing to let you know that I am no longer a part of the leadership of this group.  I only learned of this yesterday and I wanted to pass on the information as soon as possible because I have spoken to so many of you regarding the upcoming open meeting and wanted to explain why I would not be present, after asking that you attend.
The first Public Meeting will be held in Warwick on November 24th from 6:45 to 8:30.  I urge you to attend this meeting and be heard.  It promises to be an interesting one, and there will be an open forum portion for those of you who have questions or ideas. 
I will continue on with Tea Party Nation and some of the other groups that I am active in, and will be writing to you from time to time with important issues that need action.  Please feel free to contact me with any information that you feel should be "out there" and I will pass it on.  We all have to work together if we are going to take back our country!!
It has been wonderful meeting you all and working with you and I thank you for your personal notes and emails.  Let's all stay in touch!

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