The Restless Right

More evidence, in recent days, of a restive right in lil' Rhody.

Last week the RI Tea Party folks - you know, the gang behind the tax day protests against government spending - got supporters to nag the local ABC affiliate about the network's decision to air an hour-long town hall meeting featuring President Obama and his plans for health care reform. And Colleen Conley - the chief organizer of the group - even landed a spot on the ABC6 "Raw" segment, on the local news, raising concerns.

Right-wing types around the country had railed against the forum, in the run-up to the event, as little more than an infomercial - though, in the end, it included plenty of pointed questions for the prez and did not fare all that well in the ratings.

And today, at the urging of the Tea Party group, conservatives heckled Congressman Jim Langevin - in the state for a few public events - about the climate change bill and other matters.

Remains to be seen if the hecklers will be able to mobilize voters next year. But it's clear that a conservative grassroots is mobilizing.

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