Chafee Out Front

Lincoln Chafee's seemingly accidental announcement of his gubernatorial candidacy on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show last night has been the stuff of talk radio and blogosphere chatter. Was it a slip? A gaffe?

Certainly might have been. And worth parsing, for sure. Ian Donnis has a good take over at WRNI's blog.

But there was little doubt Chafee was in the race. And with the nascent Democratic gubernatorial primary destined to soak up a lot of ink - and electrons - in the coming months, the former senator does well to grab attention while he can.

While Chafee's de facto announcement on the Maddow Show is, understandably, the focus in these parts, let's not forget why the Republican-turned-independent was on the show - to discuss Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter's defection from an increasingly conservative Republican Party and his own clash with the House of Bush.

That all reinforces Chafee's message as a moderate and an independent. Could be worse.


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