Traffic light cameras: the view from Caprio's court


The introduction of traffic light cameras around Providence a few years back has added a new and additionally entertaining dimension to proceedings with Judge Frank "Caught in Providence" Caprio and his colleagues in municipal court in Providence.

The Monday morning court session begins with a court employee screening a short clip of a motorist running a red light and getting into a cringe-inducing accident. While some no doubt see the traffic light cameras as a means of revenue enhancement, the employee cited promoting safety as the point of stepped-up enforcement.

Regardless, the crowd of spectators waiting to plead their cases watches with interest as brief video clips of motorists running red lights are played on a screen. With the discernment of Olympic judges, they softly offer commentary on how egregious or minor the violation.

One older motorist, speaking before Caprio, acknowledged they he will have to be more careful with the traffic light cameras on the watch.

N4N had a chance to take part in the scene this morning since I recently received a traffic-camera citation for running a red light. The only problem? It wasn't me or my car! The citation was dismissed based on the strength of my photo-aided defense. 

As the saying goes, that's two hours of my life that I won't get back. Yet the good-humored and entertaining way in which Caprio runs his court certainly help to make up for that.

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