Ginaitt: the General Assembly gets a bad rap

Departing Representative Peter Ginaitt of Warwick, who has attracted bipartisan plaudits, leads the cast of guests on Newsmakers this week. (The show is broadcast Sunday, at 5:30 am on Channel 12, and at 10 am on Fox 64.)

Ginaitt shared an interesting anecdote off-camera. After being elected during a special election in 1992, he put the usual legislative license plate on a family car. Since sore feelings remained from the state credit union crisis, one unhappy Rhode Islander focused his ire on Ginaitt's wife, spitting at the car while she was in it with their two young children. The episode led Ginaitt to take the legislative plate off the car.

After 16 years on Smith Hill, Ginaitt suggests it's the relative small number of ethically challenged lawmakers who give the General Assembly a bad name.

Speaking of dubious behavior in public office, things have been quite quiet, at least on the surface with Operation Dollar Bill, the federal probe of legislative influence-peddling.

After striking a high profile with this probe, US Attorney Robert Clark Corrente still needs to deliver.

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