Prov police pension coverage: interesting timing

Last week in the Phoenix, Mary Ann Sorrentino wrote that police cheaters don't deserve pensions:

The Providence Journal quoted Police Chief Dean Esserman as asking the Retirement Board to “do justice” by revoking Prignano’s pension. The story did not mention, however, whether the pensions of other officers associated with the cheating scandal will also be reviewed. (Esserman declined to comment for this article, and Karen Southern, spokeswoman for Mayor David N. Cicilline, referred inquiries to the city’s legal department, which did not respond.)
City Treasurer Stephen Napolitano confirms, though, that former Sergeant Tonya King Harris, who was fired after the cheating scandal, continues to receive a monthly check from Providence. (In April, the ProJo reported that Harris, who denies cheating, won reinstatement and back pay in return for her agreement to retire with her pension intact. This was due, ironically, to how Prignano refused to be cross-examined by her lawyer regarding his admission that he helped her cheat.)

Today, the ProJo's Greg Smith writes about those perceived as being among "the ones who got away."

“They” are former Detective Sgt. Tonya King Harris and her husband, former Sgt. Michael M. Harris, who were among 10 officers implicated in a Police Department promotions scandal that had the department tied up in knots for years.

The city Retirement Board yesterday approved a pension for Tonya King Harris, fulfilling a largely secret deal that city officials made in order to get Harris and her husband off the police force.

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