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VIDEO: Rating the Boston Phoenix's Mustaches

A Tree Grows in Kenmore Sq: Rating the Phoenix's Mustaches

Just after April Fools' Day, the Boston Phoenix implemented a mandatory-mustache policy in its Kenmore Square offices. Several weeks later, we invited noted Mustachiologists TD Sidell (of Big Digits fame) and Chris Braiotta to survey the damage. In the above video, TD and Braiotta -- regulars at Eugene Mirman's monthly Union Square Round Table -- rate the Phoenix mustaches thus far. Feel free to show us up by uploading your own. And mark your calendars for Boston's first annual CINCO DE MUSTACHE party, coming May 5 to the only Irish-Mexican joint that would have us. Here's an offer you probably haven't heard before: free mustaches at the door for the ladies!

Published Apr 28 2008, 05:31 PM by Carly Carioli
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We are Boston, and these are our mustaches. Join us May 5, 2008 -- that's Cinco de Mustache to you, chump -- at Jose Mac's in Faneuil Hall for Boston's first annual 'Stash Bash. Admission: one mustache. If you ain't wearing one, you ain't getting in. Fake mustaches will be available at the door for the ladies. It's first-come, first-serve, but you can wrangle a VIP spot by submitting your mustache photo to this page in one of two ways. Check the links below to upload your photos directly. Or if you've already got pictures of yourself on Flickr, submit them to our Boston Cinco de Mustache Group. You'll be in like Flynn.
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