The incredible shrinking Metro


Last November, Metro Boston proudly announced that it had surpassed the Herald and become Boston's second-largest daily newspaper, with an average circulation of almost 187,000. "The increase in circulation validates what we have seen around the globe, that the free daily newspaper model is the future of the industry," Stuart Layne, Metro Boston's publisher, said at the time.

Um...maybe not? According to a brand-new Certified Audit of Circulations report, Metro Boston's average circulation for the quarter ending September 30, 2007 was 135,888. That's a drop of more than 51,000 papers/day, or around 27 percent. (As for Layne, he's no longer with the paper.)

Oskar Bjorner, Metro Boston's acting publisher, wasn't available for comment this afternoon; I was told to try back Monday, and I shall. In the meantime, Boston Globe Media might want to consider revising its Metro Boston Web page.

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