Globe cuts: it's official

A memo from Globe publisher Steve Ainsley was posted at Romenesko earlier this afternoon. As DQM reported yesterday, the NY Times Co. will be cutting 80 jobs at the New England Media Group, with 60 of these coming at the Globe. 45 of these will be union jobs; no word on how many of them will come from the newsroom.

After Ainsley's memo was sent via email, editor Marty Baron sent out his own email detailing his plans to meet with employees over the next few days. The Boston Newspaper Guild sent one, too, discussing the terms of the buyout program in greater detail. Both emails follow.

Baron's email:


I will be scheduling meetings over the next week to discuss the buyout program announced today by Steve Ainsley. I hope to have the first one late tomorrow afternoon. We'll set them for different times to accommodate varied work schedules.
The Boston Newspaper Guild's email:
TO:                  Boston Newspaper Guild Members
FROM:            Daniel B. Totten & BNG Executive Committee
The Boston Globe has informed the Boston Newspaper Guild that there will be a 2008 Voluntary Resignation Program (buyout) to be mailed to members’ homes next week.
The Globe cites continued economic/revenue declines as the reason for “reducing labor costs” through the buyout.
Below are the Globe’s parameters for this buyout.  Please review carefully along with the documents you will receive next week from the Globe.
If there are any data/personal information errors within your package, upon receipt please contact Steve Behenna in Human Resources at the Boston Globe at 617-929-3286.
The Globe has stated the employee reductions being sought total 80 across NE Media Group between Guild and Globe management, with 45 from the BNG at the Boston Globe.

III. Benefits:

§ Non-Job Guaranteed Employees:
  Lump Sum based on 2 weeks’ pay per year of pension service
  Health Insurance – 2 weeks per year of pension service
  Option Payment – 10% of Lump Sum or extend company paid health insurance for the remainder of one year from resignation date

§ Job Guaranteed Employees:
  Lump Sum based on 3 weeks’ pay per year of pension service
  Health Insurance – <15 years = 8 months; 15 – <20 years = 10 months; 20+ years = 12 months (same as last year)
IV. Other Terms and Conditions

§ Financial planning assistance
§ Outplacement services
§ Retain right to reject based on need to replace position or special skills
§ Retain right to require employees to remain for up to 6 months
§ General release (Globe and union)
§ In general, employees will not be notified of acceptance/status until 3 days following end of program
§ No specific caps set in any department/position but will be limitations based on no-replacement guideline
V. Timeline
§ Plan begins March 7, 2008 (mail on or about March 4) and ends April 21, 2008
§ Revocation period ends no later than April 28th
§ Data sheets included
If there are any questions or concerns, please contact the BNG office at 617-773-3232.
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