The Track vs. Names: it's on! (maybe)

Herald gossip columnists Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa routinely take potshots at the Globe, a/k/a the "Boring Broadsheet." But thanks to the restraint of Carol Beggy and Mark Shanahan, their Globe counterparts, it's been a pretty one-sided pissing match.

Until now!

Yesterday, Fee and Raposa gave the Globe shit for marketing a book on the Patriots' perfect season before said perfection was attained. Apparently, this really pissed them off over at Morrissey Boulevard. Because Beggy and Shanahan shot back with an item--published yesterday on the web and today in the paper--noting that 1. the Herald has its own Perfect Patriots book in the wings and 2. that tome, like the Globe's, was for sale on Amazon yesterday.

Personally, I'd like to see more Inside Track-vs.-Names* acrimony, especially if it gets really nasty. (Beggy and Shanahan's opening sentence--"Talk about hypocrisy"--is a nice start.) My hunch, though, is this is a one-time affair, triggered by the sports-crazed Globe management's fear of alienating Patriots fans in the event of a Super Bowl defeat.

*Not "Names and Faces," as I originally wrote. That's the old title.

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