Doug Most responds!

Yesterday, I gave Doug Most a hard time for welcoming a little bit of SoHo to JP.

Today, the Boston Globe Magazine editor was kind enough to email me a substantial response. Here it is:

You're right. Boston isn't New York, and, as someone who swapped the Upper West Side for Back Bay (before JP), that is a good thing. And you're right. Boston has its own character, and certainly JP does, and that's also a good thing. But none of that means I can't yearn for things from New York.

Does that mean I can't wish more restaurants in Boston stayed open later than 10 p.m., like in New York, because that's part of Boston's "charm"? Forgive me if I'm not charmed the next time I leave a movie theater at 10 p.m. and have to wonder which of the restaurants will still seat me at 10:30 p.m. Does that mean I can't groan the next time I have to rush for the T late at night before it shuts down, something that never happened to me in NYC? Does that mean I can't wish that JP had a great bookstore, and big coffee shop (gasp, Starbucks!), and more food options that delivered, all things I had within a 2-block radius of my NYC apartment?

I can love Boston for all of its quirks, but that doesn't mean I can't yearn for it to get a little bit better, too. You said my job as editor of the Boston Globe Magazine is to be more loyal to my city. It is? That sounds like my job is only to praise Boston and ignore its flaws. Sorry, that's not my role. As for Salmagundi, I stand by my words: Yeah, a little bit of Soho in JP is fine by me.

Doug Most

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