Open letter to Doug Most

Dear Doug:

We've met. You're a good guy. But your editor's note in today's Boston Globe Magazine--introducing the Best of the New 2008 feature--filled me with rage.

Here's an excerpt:

A few months ago, I visited this new store in Jamaica Plain, and it felt as if I had stepped into a boutique in SoHo. The men's hats were far too cool for me, but I found a great black hat-scarf combo and a pair of silver earrings for my wife. Everything about Salmagundi, right down to the dapper husband-and-wife owners, was a welcome addition to my neighborhood.

This week's issue celebrates all of the Salmagundis out there in Greater Boston.... [emph. added]

Here's the problem: you're the editor of the Boston Globe Magazine. So shouldn't you have a bit more loyalty to your city?

Remember: for many of your readers--natives and transplants alike--one of the best things about Boston is that it ISN'T NEW YORK. It has its own, distinct, vastly superior character.

If you feel this way, finding a little spore of SoHo festering in JP isn't cause for celebration. It's reason to weep. Please keep this in mind.



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