Loose ends: winter holiday edition!

--I used to think Mitt Romney was going to get the Republican nomination and win the presidency. Now I think he'll be out of the race come February. Three things changed my mind: this devastating scoop from my colleague David Bernstein; the Romney Camp's embarrasing, halting, postmodern response to said scoop; and this damning editorial from the Concord Monitor. (I knew Romney had a penchant for stupid mistakes, but man oh man....)

--Any journalism students out there? Maybe you should think about sportswriting.

--Lest there be any confusion, today's Joe Fitzgerald column isn't just a string of disjointed old memories. It's a string of disjointed old memories with a closing plug for ex-Celtic coach K.C. Jones's new CD. Here's my favorite part:
[Ted] Williams was talking with Bobby Orr about salmon fishing just before he spotted Sinatra.

"Hey," he hollered, in a voice that dwarfed all others, "there are two people I've always wanted meet: you and Herbert Hoover!
--Finally, fervent thanks to both Michael Paulson and the Globe's editorial higher-ups for Ma Siss's Place, the multipart series on a Dorchester chop shop-turned-evangelical church. There's a lot to like about this series, which concludes today: it's a deep examination of an undercovered Boston neighborhood; an unusual take on evangelicalism; the kind of narrative nonfiction you usually see in magazines, not newspapers; a study in Web-based content complimenting what's in print. And I'm probably missing a few things. Great stuff. More, please.

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