Rove: here's how we beat the bitch

The most noteworthy thing about Karl Rove's debut column for Newsweek is that it repeats the query--originally from a woman in South Carolina--that recently created trouble for John McCain:
[T]he question to John McCain from a woman at a town hall in South Carolina last Monday was tasteless, but key: "How do we beat the [rhymes with witch]?" Right now, Republicans are focusing much of their fire on Senator Clinton. Criticizing her unites the party, stirs up the unsettled feelings many swing voters have toward her and allows each candidate to say why he is best able to beat her. For now, that's enough. But when a GOP nominee emerges, he needs to remember no Republican is as well known as Hillary. The Republican has room to grow in the polls as voters get a better sense of who he is and what animates him. Here's what he needs to do. [emph. added]
If McCain deserves criticism for not condemning the question in the first place--and I'd say he does--doesn't Newsweek deserve more for letting Rove rehash it in print?

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