Covering Connolly

Earlier this week, I accused the Globe of not running an article focused on John Connolly, Boston's newly elected at-large city councilor, until the day of the election. I was wrong. Michael Jonas, who writes the "Political Trail" column for the Globe's City Weekly section, wrote about Connolly on July 1. Apologies to Michael and Morrissey Boulevard for my error.

Now that I've 'fessed up, two related points:

1. The placement of the Globe's sole feature on Connolly's candidacy raises an interesting question: when should the Globe relegate Boston political coverage to the City Weekly section, and when should it run in City/Region? On the one hand, only Boston voters were going to have a chance to vote for Connolly. On the other hand, the politics of Boston have a significance that extends far beyond the city's borders. That's why--to cite one example--the Globe's story on the terrible turnout for this week's Boston election ran on the front page, above the fold.

2. On a more mundane note, the Globe and the people who maintain the ProQuest newspaper database should figure out how to make sure the latter includes City Weekly content. Just, you know, to prevent future confusion or anything.

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