Herald circulation falls under 200k

185,832. That, according to a new Audit Bureau of Circulations report, was the Herald's average paid M-F subscription total for the six-month period that ended on September 30. The equivalent figure for the six-month period that ended in March was 201,513; in March '06, it was 227,582.

The Globe didn't reach a similarly disheartening milestone, but its numbers reflect the industry's disheartening direction. The current M-F subscription average is 360,695; it was 382,503 in March and 397,288 in March '06.

This particular ABC report breaks ground by documenting Web readership. But since the Globe's online readership of 1,008,580 applies to the past 30 days (i.e., that many people have read the paper online at least once in that period) instead of giving a daily readership average, I'm not sure how to square these numbers.

P.S.--Sunday circulation numbers are down too. The Globe's at 548,906 compared to 587,289 a year ago; the Herald's at 108,816 compared to 115,214. Can five figures be far off?

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