Friday's Herald: too much information?

Today's Herald has a story on two Dorchester boys--brothers or half-brothers, aged 12 and 10--who found a fully loaded gun and turned it in to the police.

But it's not a feel-good piece. The boys' mother, Keisa Winston, says she's afraid her sons will be targeted for their good deed--hence the Herald's headline (MOM: I'M AFRAID FOR MY BOYS). "I don't want them hanging out in the neighborhood," Winston says. "I don't want these kids that hid the gun coming after them. I'm afraid for them."

Here's my question: if the mom's fears are legit--and the fact that the Herald based a story on them suggests that they are--was it really prudent to run a big photograph of the two boys in the paper? Or, for that matter, to say where each of the kids goes to school?

P.S.--After I wrote this, I read the comments on the story in question, which is currently on the front of I'm not the only one who thinks the Herald might have screwed up; take a look and you'll see what I mean.

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