Post-Pat depression tops Globe

When the Globe put a story on the Great Videotape Scandal (GVS) on top of A1 yesterday, I didn't think much of it. After all, it was a pretty slow news day--and the paper had already adjusted our collective expectations by putting Tom Brady's then-imminent paternity atop A1 back in February.

Today, though, I shall not be silent. Put the Brady Baby on A1. Put the GVS there too. But please, find somewhere else for overheated trend stories like today's David Abel opus, which looks at the toll the GVS is taking on young men around New England!
"We used to be America's team," said [BC High center Geoff] Gottbrecht, as he stretched between plays at football practice yesterday. "Now, we're like the Yankees--we're the bad guys, and it seems like everyone out there hates us. That's the worst part about this."

Gottbrecht and other teammates' disappointment echoed the anger over a brewing scandal that has left coaches throughout the region struggling with how to explain the seeming violation of NFL rules to their players, many of whom grew up lionizing the Patriots.
Somehow, I think they'll be OK.

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