Your Boston Herald, circa 2017

Barring some kind of weird falling out between Pat Purcell and National Development, it looks like the Boston Herald is going to ditch its Harrison Ave. digs sometime in the next six years. (Here's the Herald's write-up; here's the Globe's.)

Obviously, this raises the question: by the time the paper relocates and sundry staffing changes play out, what's the paper going to look like?

Based on what's admittedly a minimum of information--today's stories on the impending move, reporter Jessica Fargen's reassignment to a web-focused reporting position, the prospect of Murdoch's Dow Jones printing the Herald in Chicopee--here are my reckless predictions.
1. The paper's reporters will be based in Boston, but the rest of the operation--HR, the Web side, advertising, printing--will be relegated to a cheaper suburb or suburbs.

2. The Herald's printed product will be smaller than it is today. It'll also be free, and delivered to targeted areas of Boston, a la the San Francisco Examiner--something Dan Kennedy suggested two years ago.

3. The print Herald will also be handed out in large numbers to T and commuter-rail riders.

4. will become a 24-hour news operation, a la, rather than an online delivery mechanism for the paper, thereby giving the paper (or "paper") a chance to beat the Globe on a regular basis.
 Any other ideas?

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