Garnett, Boston and Race, cont.

Yesterday, I argued that there was no hard evidence that Boston's reputation for racism had given new Celtic Kevin Garnett pause  about accepting a trade from Minnesota.

In today's Globe, basketball writer Shira Springer quotes Garnett on the subject of race relations in Boston:

In the most serious moment of his interview, Garnett answered a question about the "racial climate" of Boston, which has been considered inhospitable to black athletes but now boasts several major black sports figures.

"I think it's an old cliché that's going to soon disappear, if it's not evaporating as we speak," said Garnett. "The proof is in the pudding. People say a lot of things, but to experience something is totally different. Antoine [Walker] didn't have to tell me all the good things that he had to tell me about the city. I think he was very honest along with Gary Payton, brutally honest about fans and the people here. Racism is universal . . . I haven't experienced it. I'm from the South. Things happen down there. It shouldn't be what Boston is known for. It should be these fans and their love, so I'm embracing that."

Interesting stuff, but ambiguous. If the "question about the 'racial climate' of Boston" was: Did you ask about Boston's reputation for racism before accepting a trade?, then Garnett's answer suggests the subject was very much part of his deliberations. If it was: What do you think of Boston's racial climate?, then I'd say that's not the case.

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