The Globe's stench series

On Monday, the Globe looked at the nasty smell on the Lynn and Nahant shorelines.

Today, it was the malodor in parts of Chelsea.

I like this gross-aroma series (which, btw, hasn't officially been identified as a series). But how long can the Globe keep going? How many more terrible smells can there possibly be in Greater Boston?

(Readers, that's your cue.)

In all seriousness, the Globe's smell-o-rama reminds me of a comment Brian McGrory, the paper's new metro editor, made when I spoke with him earlier this year. As I recall--and I'm paraphrasing here--McGrory said he wanted the paper's local coverage to give readers a stronger collective sense of place.  Thus far, I think he's succeeding--thanks to features like these, but also thanks to Matt Viser's strong performance on the What-Doesn't-Work-In-Boston beat.

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