Carr returns to, mocks WRKO

As Dan Kennedy has already observed, Jessica Heslam got it right: Howie Carr is back from vacation and broadcasting for WRKO, awkwardness be damned.

Judging from the 10 or 15 minutes I just heard, though, Carr may not be on for long. First up: Carr jokingly alluding to (though not actually mentioning) his impending move to WTKK--something to the effect of, I just got back from vacation, so how come I feel so great? Later, one caller congratulated Carr on getting a "good job." A few minutes later, Carr again alluded to TKK by offering fervent thanks to Don Imus ("How much can one guy do for another guy?").

This pissing match should make for unusally entertaining radio. But how long can Carr's bosses allow him to make them look bad? I predict he's off the WRKO airwaves by next week.

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