Herald columnists: A-list or B-list?

In my discussion of the Herald ed page's leftward shift this week, I mention the "sundry B-list conservative columnists who grace the opinion page most days."

Yesterday, a Media Log reader took vigorous issue with this description, noting that the Herald gives its readers George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Robert Novak, and Bill O'Reilly. In other words: Who you calling B-list, fool?

It's a fair question--and in retrospect, my characterization was too harsh. O'Reilly is inherently B-list, but Will, Krauthammer and Novak are all marquee names. I confess that my low esteem for the Herald's weaker conservative columnists--including Star Parker, Jay Ambrose, and Holly Robichaud--got the better of me.

That said, a question and a comment:

Word on the street is that Robichaud won't be writing her Herald column anymore. So who should the Herald replace her with? I nominate Jonah Goldberg.

2. My too-damning description was NOT meant to encompass Wayne Woodlief or Brett Arends, both of whom I regard as nonpartisan and quite good.

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