Buckingham's smooth exit

So, Herald columnist and ex-GOP operative Ginny Buckingham is leaving to become a New England lobbyist for Pfizer.

I like Buckingham, and I wish her luck. I also thought her farewell column was quite good. But I'd be remiss if I didn't note that, in her penultimate Herald opus, Buckingham lavished thick, rich praise on Doug Rubin, Deval Patrick's new chief of staff. Some highlights:
...[T]hree years as first deputy treasurer and 17 years total in the trenches of Democratic politics has given the 39-year-old the kind of seasoning missing from some of the governor’s early appointments.

A few minutes into our conversation, a side door connecting Rubin’s office to the governor’s suite opened and Patrick, in shirtsleeves, reading glasses perched halfway down his nose, popped his head in.

“Can I have you for a minute?” he asked.
And it’s this moment which tells me Rubin has the one thing no chief of staff can succeed without - the governor’s ear.
...Is he the “no” man to all the “yes” men who typically surround politicians? I ask. “I’m a bridge between the governor and his staff,” Rubin answers. I’ll take that as a yes to the “no” man label.

In many ways, Rubin is in the enviable position of having been brought in after four months of Patrick administration missteps. But despite a considerable amount of prodding yesterday, he refused to play the savior role. Darn it!

...Early on, Patrick clearly hadn’t mastered the mea culpa side of politics. Now, in Rubin, he’s got both an enforcer to drive his cabinet and staff but also someone not afraid to tell him point blank when he’s making a stupid mistake or when he needs to admit one.

Four months into a four-year term, Patrick’s finally got the right guy in the picture.
Color me suspicious, but that sounds like lobbying right there.

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