Dennis & Callahan to 'TKK?

So say the Track Gals in today's Herald!!!

...Sources claim WTKK - which just lost the I-Man [Don Imus] as its 96.9 FM Talk morning host - has turned up its pursuit of Deno and Gerry which, we’re told, started waaaay before the Rutgers lady hoopsters got to the Big Dance!

...[T]ime is of the essence for ’TKK, which needs a new morning show - like “Dennis & Callahan” which is No. 1 with men 24-54 - that will immediately generate numbers as well as cash by the start of the all-important fall ratings book.

"Getting ‘Dennis & Callahan’ would be a boon for ’TKK - or WBCN [website] or whomever - since the station would have to pay big for them, but they’d be guaranteed ratings and sponsors right off the bat," said a spy. "And imagine the free publicity.

"So why would you bring in an unknown and have to spend $1 million promoting him? It doesn’t make sense,” said Deep Dial.
Couple things here. First, Gayle and Laura don't mention that Callahan is a Herald colleague. Is that because everyone knows this already? Or because that might make people wonder if Callahan himself was the source for this little nugget?

Second, here's an answer for "Deep Dial": Maybe 'TKK would pass on Dennis and Callahan in favor of an unknown talent because the Imus mess has everyone paying closer attention to offensive on-air speech, and Dennis and Callahan compared an escaped zoo gorilla to a (presumably black) METCO student a few years back, and hiring them to replace Imus could create shitloads of bad publicity.

Just an idea.

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