Time's cover choice explained, sort of

Earlier today, I asked a Time spokesperson why the U.S. edition of Time featured a cover story about teaching the Bible, rather than the "Talibanistan" piece that fronted the Europe, Asia, and South Pacific editions. Here's what I was told:
TIME's international editions (TIME Asia, TIME Europe, etc) are produced regionally and regularly run cover stories that differ from the U.S. edition and from each other. Each week, TIME editors make decisions on what cover stories will be of greatest interest to readers in each region.
While I'd hoped for something a little meatier, I still feel obligated to come to Time's defense here. Over at Blue Mass. Group, Bob offered this gloss on the U.S. cover: "Much of what you need to know about U.S. and our MSM is captured perfectly today at Time's website.... This is a big part of the reason why we live in a bubble in this country."

Yes, it would have been nice if Time's US readers were confronted with the Talibanistan cover. But let's also remember that Time broke the story of the Haditha massacre one year ago--exactly the kind of story we need written these days.

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