The Complicated Mr. Patrick--updated!

Today in the Globe, Adrian Walker offers an excellent analysis of Deval Patrick's pseudo-apology yesterday (here's the Globe's write-up, and here's the Herald's). Some highlights:

We began with high-road Deval: "I spent all weekend trying to make some very hard choices. And I think it's just impossible to deal with the choices I'm asking agencies to make without making some of my own."

The contrite tone, alas, survived but a single question. In response to question number two ("Do you have any regrets?"), things got a bit surly.

"I am sorry that we have all spent the kind of time we have on what we've spent time on, and I'm sorry to have been responsible," the governor said.

In other words, I'm sorry that so many of you need to get a life.

What is troubling, though, is Patrick's inability to think any problem of his has anything to do with him. If everyone could just be as high-minded, as substantive as he is, everything would be fine....

The thing is, Patrick wants it all. He wants to be deep, yet stylish. He wants to be a populist, just one with an office out of Architectural Digest. He wants public affection, but public scrutiny makes him prickly.

One thing I'd add: Patrick's evolving explanation of why he leased the now-infamous Cadillac DeVille was reminiscent of the way he handled the Ben LaGuer story when it resurfaced last year. Governor, here's some friendly advice: don't comment until you've got the facts straight--and then put everything on the table.

UPDATE: I erred earlier in crediting the Herald with the scoop--that honor goes to Fox-25's Joe Battenfeld, who had the story on the evening of Feb. 13. You can watch Battenfeld's original report here.

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