Paternity test--updated version

Last time I tried to put a racial spin on newspaper coverage, it didn't go too well. I wouldn't do it again so quickly except--well, in this particular case I just can't help myself.

So, here's my question: would Tom Brady's soon-to-be-father status be getting different coverage if he was black?

Here's a posting from a Pittsburgh Steelers message board that parses the NY Post's scoop and argues yes:
If this was Micheal Irvin or T.O. the focus would be on irresponsible pro athletes leaving a trail of kids born out of wedlock behind them but since it is Tom Brady the article focused more on Mr. Wonderful moving on to his current supermodel squeeze and providing who knows what was remotely relevant in terms of testimony at Charlie Weis' malpractice trial.

For someone who is so good at his job it is too bad he could not remember to find out who was responsible for the birth control that night. That kid will not want for anything financially but money isn't everything....

Divorce happens after children arrive and dedicated single parents make the best of it - this is altogether different and a disgrace. At least it proves irresponsibility is color blind.
I'll go this far: if Brady was African-American, we might have seen this article referenced by now. And Gerry Callahan might have written a less adulatory column today.

UPDATE: In today's (Wednesday's) Herald, Peter Gelzinis makes a similar argument, closing his column with what reads like a jibe at Callahan:
As for Brady, well, he doesn't look quite so golden anymore. Sure, the same jock show moralists who still rant about casual fatherhood in the NBA, even as they drool over Brady's current underwear babe, can say Tom has it all.

But he will never have his first child. Not in the way most fathers do. No matter how much love or money Brady showers upon this son or daughter, the child will remain separate, an astersisk, alongside the family he will eventually have.
Also, sports columnist Tony Massarotti raises a point worth pondering:
For all the debate the Brady story has prompted, here is one aspect that is truly mystifying: How is it that the Brady story is front page news in the Boston Globe, yet the ugly divorce case involving third-wheel Pats coach Bill Belichick never gets a mention? How is it that WEEI talks about the quarterback’s situation but not about those of the coach? How do we draw the line between a full-blown, gloves-are-off scandal and one we deem frivolous and irrelevant, even if it is true?
Good question.

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