Brady's sexcapades top Globe; all hell breaks loose

Oh, the humanity! Of course the Herald put the news of Tom Brady's soon-to-be illegitimate child on the cover--it's the Herald, after all. But the Globe? On the front page? Above the fold?!?

There's outrage aplenty over at, the Globe's web affiliate. Some highlights:
"Why is this any of our business?  Much less front page news?!"

"Who cares?  Really, who cares?  Leave this kind of tabloid crap to the Herald, please."

"My view is that for the Boston Globe to think this is news of the slightest interest to the public, let alone put it on the front page, is just one more sign of the slow, relentless death of a once great newspaper.  If I wanted to read the National Enquirer, I would buy it.  What I want is a newspaper, a daily journal that covers the meaningful local, national and international events of the day, provides analysis and context, investigates what the powerful wants to hide from us, and helps us be informed and effective citizens. Instead we get this voyeuristic trash.  For shame."

Whatever you think of the Globe's descent info infotainment, though, it's worth noting that the Brady story is currently the most emailed item on Also, "Tom Brady" is the most popular search. So maybe Boston's just getting the journalism it deserves here.

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