Purcell to malcontent(s): let's talk!

Last week, an unsigned letter titled "No Thanks Pat" was posted over at Herald Square. Media Log hasn't been able to verify the details of the letter, but it reportedly featured the Grinch--although it's not clear whether Purcell's head was placed on the Grinch's body or not.

Anyway, the letter was promptly taken down, and Purcell followed up with the missive you see below. If Purcell's really taking the high road here by inviting anonymous critics to a measured discussion of his business decisions, that's pretty impressive. But I have to say, if I were the author(s) of "No Thanks Pat," I'd think twice about 'fessing up.




Patrick J. Purcell

President and Publisher


To the author or authors of the recently posted flyer headlined, “No Thanks Pat”.

I urge you to drop by my office so that you can voice your grievances in person.  This meeting will also give you an opportunity, if you wish, to hear firsthand the rationale for the business decisions I have made in the 12 years I have owned the Boston Herald.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.


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