RKO's next move

WRKO's decision to huffily fire John DePetro for calling Grace Ross a "fat lesbian" seemed lame to begin with, since--as Dan Kennedy promptly pointed out--Howie Carr routinely trafficks in nastier homophobic stuff.

But now that the AM station has gutted its entire news operation  (the Herald has the scoop; the Globe hasn't mentioned it), DePetro's firing looks even less impressive. As Herald reporter Jessica Heslam notes, 'RKO seems to be giving itself a makeover prior to its debut as the radio home of the Red Sox; booting DePetro was 1) a cheap PR stunt and 2) a way to lose some of the station's dead weight.

So here's my question. Let's say you're RKO bigwig Jason Wolfe. What do you do next to make your station better? (Other than giving Tom Finneran a show, which would be a fantastic move.)

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