Happy Trails

First, I want to apologize for the recent letup in Media Log postings as the time draws nearer to my July 5 start date as the associate director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism in Washington D.C. (For the record, my last official day at the Phoenix was Friday, June 23.)

For me, blogging was an acquired interest and skill that didn't come all that naturally to a longtime and middle-aged print journalist. From reading some of the postings on this blog, I'd say that became readily apparent to some of you. But I appreciate everyone who bothered to read and contribute to Media Log -- even the occasional Herald die-hard for whom no praise of the tabloid was enthusiastic enough and no crticism of the Globe was nasty enough. At its best, the blog was a forum for smart, engaging dialogue that pushed the ball down the field. At its worst, it reminded me a bit of of one of my less distinguished days as a WHDH talk radio host.

I'm sure my successor as Phoenix media critic will keep some form of this blog going. So please keep reading and keep the conversation alive..

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