Noooze Judgment

While the Globe's got a lot of legitimate action on its front page today, including some important follows to its work on departed Caritas chief Robert Haddad, how can you relegate the conviction of the Enron boys to the Business front, particularly when today's Business section is wrapped inside Sidekick? Any case, that as the Globe subhead notes, "came to symbolize coporate deceit in US" has to be on page 1.

Considerably more egregious, however, is the Herald's burying the news of Haddad's resignation in a three-paragraph AP brief on the bottom of page 15. That apparently makes the story 10 pages less newsworthy than the page 5 scoop that an Ohio couple is upset because their home phone number is inconveniently similar to the toll free number used to cast votes for "American Idol" contestants.

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