Koch Responds on Op-Ed

This posting, from Bill Koch's spokesman Brad Goldstein, is in response to my posting yesterday -- "Koch Passes on Wind" -- about Koch's anti-wind farm op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal, which did not mention his role as co-chair of The Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound

 I want to set the record straight. We did tell the Wall Street Journal that Bill Koch was the chairman of the Alliance. They chose not to run it. We had no say in the matter. I would hate to see the debate avoid the real numbers and focus on something that we had no control over. The real issue, which, in our opinion, no one in the media wishes to pursue, comes down to economics. It is common knowledge in the power industry that Cape Wind is a vanity project. The economics do not work. They never have. The science data available through NOAA shows that the wind does not consistently blow to produce energy at even a 30 percent capacity - the minimum needed to make the project viable. This is the "skunk at the garden party."

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