No News on Morrissey Boulevard

I can't blame the Herald for staying all over the tough economic news coming out of Morrissey Boulevard like white on rice. But the news in today's Jay Fitzgerald story on Arthur Sulzberger Jr.'s trip to the Globe is that there is no news -- and that no new decisions have been taken on additional cuts.

Without getting overly dramatic, the Globe is perched at a critical juncture here. If daily circulation drops below 400,000 (The Times own corporate Web site now puts circulation at 413,300  as of the end of last year and the paper has since acknowledged losing 4.000 more subscribers as a result of the credit card snafu) or if there's another round of painful cuts on the heels of the reductions that cost more than 30 newsroom jobs last year, it'd be pretty hard not to think that the powerful broadsheet that once hovered over the Boston's civic culture like an 800-pound gorilla is in a clear and perhaps permanent state of decline and dimunition.

It is also likely to raise even more questions about the future of publisher Richard Gilman.

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