Boston Does the Network Shuffle

Here's the deal on what the new CW network (the old UPN and WB) will mean in Boston. Tribune-owned WLVI-TV (Channel 56), which was a WB affiliate, will become a CW affiliate. WSBK-TV (Channel 38), which is part of the CBS-owned Boston duopoly and was a UPN affiliate, will now become an independent station with 10 hours of priime-time programming to fill and a lot of options. (Expect it to aim its lineup at something other than the young CW target demographic.)

Here's a statement from the Channel 38 folks today. Not much meat there:

"This is great for CBS to be a partner with Tribune in this new network - The CW.  And, it is also a tremendous opportunity for WSBK-TV 38 because we have a wealth of outstanding programming options to work with (including product from CBS, Paramount, King World, and now Warner Bros.) as well as local program opportunities to consider as we develop our primetime (8-10PM).  The upcoming months will be a very exciting time as we create a unique and entertaining line-up for our channel 38 viewers."

One other thought. Could this realignment cause Channel 56 to rethink its 10 o'clock newscast, which has been getting pretty thoroughly thumped by Channel 25?

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