Andelman's Legacy

This post on Media Log by AmusedbutInformedBystander about sports talker Eddie Andelman's impact said it much better than I did. So if you missed it...
Eddie's influence runs beyond just sports talk, it influenced all sports coverage. The irreverance of the early Sports Huddle seemed to clear the way for all media to recognize that the stodgy sports emperor was naked -- in newspaper game stories and columns as much as sports talk; the game stores evolved from Jack Barry and Roger Britwell to Bob Ryan and Peter Gammons; the columnists evolved from the Larry Claflins to the likes of Leigh Montville; talk shows evolved from the WHDH 'Voice of Sports' to the Big Show. Eddie doesn't get all the credit, but when it comes to adopting an irreverant attitude toward the cult of sports (and not the merely vicious attitude of Dave Egan), Eddie led the way.
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