Schilling Unburdens Himself

Good for The Boston Globe's Bob Hohler for getting today's fascinating story in which Sox ace Curt Schilling laments what has been the "very, very painful" and "hardest" year of his career and his wife Shonda says "he's not the same person and I don't know how to help him."

But from the Sox point of view, isn't there something pretty weird about the timing? Here's a tired, nicked up team trying to charge to the finish line of a difficult season locked in a life-and-death battle with the Yankees that probably won't be resolved until this weekend and one of its biggest stars picks this moment to:

1) make it clear he's thinking about life past baseball by saying "when I'm done in the game, I'll be done with the game."

2) attack a teammate who criticized him by noting that his detractor is "not wired right."

3) lament that whatever happens for the rest of this season, "it will still never be like last year."

We all know that Schilling never met a microphone he didn't like. And the smart money is on him being a Republican senator from Arizona one day. But wouldn't the team have been better off if he had waited another week -- or until the playoffs end -- before unburdening himself, if he felt a compelling need to do so, about his own personal hell?

In the immortal words of Tony Soprano, "Whatever happened to Gary Cooper, the strong, silent type?"
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